Jane Smith


Examiner: Dr. Brown
Patient: Jane Smith
Examination Date: 16/07/2019





Blood count (week 6-8):
Check of blood
Nuchal Translucency (week 12-14):
Ultrasound check for Down Syndrome
This can be combined with a biochemical test for more accurate results
Appointment for 2nd Trimester Screening
10:07 AM
Third trimester screening (week 30-32):
A check of the fetal organs as well as a check of the pregnancy amniotic fluid and placenta. Also covered in this is a check of the position of the fetus and whether the head is in the downward position
First trimester screening (week 8-10):
Ultrasound checkout to determine the age of the fetus and the status of the pregnancy
Early Screening (week 16-18):
In this ultrasound check the gender of the fetus can be seen! In addition, all of the parts of the organs of the fetus are checked - the digestive system, heart, etc.
A check against pregnancy diabetes (week 25-27):
A blood test before and after drinks sugar solution. Its recommended to bring a lemon and squirt it into the cup.
week 1803.07
week 1910.07
week 2017.07
week 2124.07
week 2231.07Appointment for 2nd Trimester Screening
week 2307.08
week 2414.08
week 2521.08A check against pregnancy diabetes
week 2628.08
week 2704.09
week 2811.09
week 2918.09
week 3025.09Third trimester screening
week 3102.10
week 3209.10
week 3316.10
week 3423.10
week 3530.10
week 3606.11
week 3713.11
week 3820.11
week 3927.11
week 4004.12