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Archiver - OBGYN Ultrasound Workstation

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OBGYN Ultrasound Archiving and Reporting Workstation.
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What is the Archiver?

The Archiver is a PC-based electronic device that hooks up to an ultrasound system and allows the OBGYN (U/S) practitioner to generate complete documentation of every exam, reporting and multimedia presentation.

The Archiver saves images and performs continuous video recordings, it automatically accepts measurements from the U/S, it prints reports of all exams done by Obstetric or Gynecological scans.

The Archiver is physically located on the U/S. It reads the measurements from the U/S via a LAN connection, and receives an s-video signal from the U/S video out connector. It also generates CD's or DVD's that consist of printed reports, images, recorded videos, growth charts (for OB exams), general OBGYN explanations or any clinic specific material.

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