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Archiver - OBGYN Ultrasound Workstation

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OBGYN Ultrasound Archiving and Reporting Workstation.
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Archiver's Physical Configuration

  • The Archiver is located on a utility shelf of the U/S.
  • It is operated by remote control from a standard PC desktop computer.
  • The Archiver, the PC computer and the US are interconnected via local network (see the previous chart).
  • The Archiver communicates via ADSL-IPVPN remote control.
  • The Archiver has a video grabber that feeds from the U/S S-Video output for image saving and video recording.
  • The Archiver uses a microphone to record the practitioners' speech during an exam.
  • A control pad is used to save images and record videos.
  • It is highly recommended to use a UPS on the Archiver's power supply line.
  • The Archiver has a one year guarantee provided that an IPVPV line has been installed.

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