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Archiver - OBGYN Ultrasound Workstation

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OBGYN Ultrasound Archiving and Reporting Work Station.
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  • Archiver provides a unique integration of Mini PACS with a powerful Reporting System. In most cases, in other systems these capabilities are incorporated into two different systems - RIS for reporting and PACS for imagery storage.
  • Archiver provides continuous video recording capability - of U/S examinations or other video scans.
  • Archiver shortens reporting time, dramatically improves throughput in clinics and ensures rapid return on investment.
  • Archiver communicates with major IT components such as PACS, RIS and ATD thus providing an interconnection layer between the ultrasound and the organization's Healthcare IT.
  • Archiver is supported by a very simple but effective user interface.
  • Archiver facilitates the rapid collection of information for the generation of relevant documentation (e.g. fetal anomaly explanations, pre-canned text for every text box, automatically generated pregnancy schedule of exams and tests throughout a pregnancy).
  • When an U/S local repository is used (as an Archiver alternative) upon replacement of the U/S all the data needs to be archived elsewhere or else it will be lost!
  • Archiver stores complete history of all reports and media across pregnancies (that are not defined in U/S machines).
  • Archiver's Pregnancy consists of specific data such as growth charts, anomalies, relevant examinations and pregnancy outcome.
  • Archiver is designed to connect with any ultrasound equipment.

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