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Archiver - OBGYN Ultrasound Workstation

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OBGYN Ultrasound Archiving and Reporting Workstation.
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Archiver's Operating Procedure

  • The user feeds in the patient's name and opens a required examination or, alternatively, selects the patient's details from MWL or a demographic list.
  • The user performs a U/S scan (examination).
  • The user can perform video recording of the entire session during the examination, save images, or record short clips.
  • At the end of the examination, the user generates an ultrasound report with all performed measurements.
  • This report is sent to the Archiver (via DATA TRANSFER) and the data is incorporated into the Archiver's report.
  • At the summation of the U/S exam, working on the desktop computer, the user types in detailed information about the examination results. Pre-canned text and common findings marked through pull down lists or radio buttons, make this a fast and simple process.
  • The user prints a report with selected images and growth charts.
  • He/she then generates an image for burning on a CD/DVD.
  • The user then gives the printed report and the burned CD/DVD to the patient and starts the sequence all over again.

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