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Artisan Sonics specializes in Obstetrics and
Gynecology Documentation via Private Cloud services.
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Appointment Scheduling

The Appointment Scheduling service provides full scheduling capabilities in which visits can be created, changed or deleted in a matter of seconds. Appointment Scheduling supports date and patient selection, has a weekly/daily presentation view, and supports concurrent viewing from various locations. Exam-type predefined templates, specific for each user, are part of the service. They includes examination duration, examination price, examination name and description.


The patient-cenetered concept allows rapid creation and updating of a patient's appointments and immediate updating of a doctor's schedule. This prevents double booking. Utilities that are part of the Visit Scheduling application include daily schedule printout, automatic visit reminders via e-mail and SMS, search for open slots in a given date. The list of daily schedules can be automatically transferred to a doctor's Archiver Work List.

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