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Pregnancy Supervision

This Pregnancy Supervision web service covers all aspects of pre-conception, pregnancy visits and tests, and delivery room phases. Pregnancy Supervision eliminates the need to manually record and document results of a patient's visit. All the data that is generated by ultrasound examinations (as recorded on the Archiver) is automatically transferred and presented by the Pregnancy Supervision application.

The Pregnancy Supervision service includes:

  • Demographic data of the parents
  • Medical history such as previous pregnancies, diseases, surgical procedures, medications, sensitivities
  • Tests for conditions such as diabetes and sugar loading (HBAIC, PPG)
  • RH compatibility and blood typing
  • Serology exams of various types
  • Information from all genetic examinations of both parents
  • NT risks and combined risks derived from AFB, Free Beta, and others
  • Detailed report of clinical examinations of both mother and the fetus

A detailed printout can be generated after each visit with all necessary material for the birthing room. In addition an ER (Electronic Record) of the entire Pregnancy Supervision report can be given to the patient for the staff of the birthing room.

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