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About Us
Artisan Sonics provides an OBGYN workstation combining ultrasound
images with examination data which is an ideal management solution
for OBGYN ultrasound practitioners.

About Artisan Sonics

Artisan Sonics has identified critical needs in the realm of gynecology and obstetrics ultrasound and has developed applications that facilitate an enhanced working environment for the OBGYN U/S practitioners.

Artisan Sonics has been supporting the medical community in Israel since 1996. Our customers include hospitals, public health providers and numerous private clinics. We specialize in optimizing the work flow for OB&GYN ultrasound (U/S) practitioners and their supporting staff. Artisan Sonics has an established reputation for on-going field work and close collaboration with doctors and medical personnel throughout the country. We have identified critical needs and built applications that facilitate an enhanced working environment, while saving both time and money. Our innovative solutions enhance care quality, reduce risks to patients, assure compliance with international standards and improve the clinical quality of patient management.

The suite of products and services that we offer delivers a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized private clinics. This has been made feasible by a rigid commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality management. Artisan Sonics is headed by Dr. Yoram Alperovitch who has a very extensive background in the development and deployment of medical devices and IT applications. Dr. Alperovitch is supported by a steering committee whose members are world-renowned practitioners in the realm of OB&GYN.

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